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Price Overview

Domain Renewal Processes

  • Submit Domain

    Enter your domain and select years of renewal, system will automatically check after your submission.

  • Confirm Payment

    Please check your submitted domain and required price, then confirm to pay.

  • Processing

    After paying successfully, please wait system to operate automatically.

  • Renewal Success

    Renewal success, usually domain renewal will take effect within 10 minutes.


Answers For You
  • 01

    After submitting renewal, please wait system to process automatically, it won’t take effect immediately.

  • 02

    Usually renewal completed within 1 day if your domain registrar is Gname, if your domain registrar isn’t Gname, we will transfer it in Gname, usually completed within 7 days.

  • 03

    You are unable to renew if your domain expired more than 15 days, it will enter deletion period.

  • 04

    You are unable to apply refund once the domain name has been renewed successfully, please proceed carefully and we will refund the renewal amount to you if the renewal fails.

  • 05

    After submitting renewal, we will transfer your domain in Gname if your domain registrar is not here. You can not apply to transfer out within 60 days after the successful renewal.

  • 06

    According to the registry, the maximum renewal period for the same domain name cannot exceed 10 years.

Domain Renewal Price

Domain Registration Price Renewal Price Transfer in Price Introduction
.com $10.12/1st yr. $11.12/yr. $10.12/yr. Global generic domain
.net $11.62/1st yr. $12.62/yr. $11.62/yr. Network domain name
.cn $7.50/1st yr. $9.50/yr. $7.50/yr. Global top level domain
.org $11.79/1st yr. $13.79/yr. $11.79/yr. Typically used by organization
.cc $9.68/1st yr. $11.68/yr. $9.68/yr. Typically used by company
.vip $5.38/1st yr. $14.60/yr. $12.60/yr. Symbol of nobility, privilege
.tv $26.68/1st yr. $28.68/yr. $27.68/yr. Audio-visual domain name
.top $3.58/1st yr. $7.40/yr. $6.40/yr. Symbol of top level
.xyz $2.50/1st yr. $12.00/yr. $10.00/yr. Personal and creative domain name
.tw $18.00/1st yr. $20.00/yr. $18.00/yr. Regional top-level domain
.co $21.75/1st yr. $23.75/yr. $21.75/yr. Country domain name
.shop $26.75/1st yr. $27.75/yr. $26.75/yr. Typically used by e-commerce
.ltd $15.75/1st yr. $17.75/yr. $15.75/yr. Dedicated domain for limited company
.store $41.75/1st yr. $43.75/yr. $41.75/yr. Dedicated domain for shop and retail
.biz $14.23/1st yr. $16.23/yr. $14.23/yr. Old international domain
.info $15.12/1st yr. $17.12/yr. $15.12/yr. Global top level domain
.icu $6.75/1st yr. $8.75/yr. $6.75/yr. Typically used by medical field
.club $12.26/1st yr. $14.26/yr. $12.26/yr. Dedicated domain for club and association
.luxe $17.35/1st yr. $19.35/yr. $17.35/yr. New TLDs
.bar $52.25/1st yr. $54.25/yr. $52.25/yr. New gTLDs
.rest $27.25/1st yr. $29.25/yr. $27.25/yr. New gTLDs

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