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Price Overview

Transfer in Processes

  • Acquire Auth Code

    You need to submit transfer out and obtain auth code in current registrar, then submit your domain and auth code in Gname.

  • Transfer in Verification

    Please enter your domain|auth code, Gname will check whether your domain could be transferred in and auth code is correct!

  • Confirm Payment

    You need to check your transferred in domain and fee, then confirm the payment.

  • Submit Transfer in

    After submitting transfer in, you need to wait current registrar agree transfer out , then transfer in Gname, usually the process will be completed within 1 to 7 weekdays.

  • Transfer in Successfully

    Congratulations, your domain is successfully transferred in Gname, now you are able to all round manage your domain here.

Why Transfer Domains into GNAME?

  • Security Assurances

    Intelligent risk control system, security verification is required for risky operations.

  • Quick Domain Resolution

    Powerful resolution system makes your domain resolution effective within 1 minute, and Gname support bulk operation.

  • Real-time Service

    Gname supports 7x24 customer service to answer your question at any time.


Answers For You
  • 01

    International domain has been successfully registered, renewed, transferred more than 60 days, and unexpired.

  • 02

    Gname does not support transfer in domain names in arbitration, dispute or limited by court.

  • 03

    If Whois status is Pendingtransfer, Gname does not support
    transfer in.

  • 04

    If Whois status is clientTransferProhibited/
    serverTransferProhibited, Gname does not support transfer in.

  • 05

    If domain has been renewed within 60 days, it will be successfully transferred in, but expiration date won’t extend one year.

  • 06

    If there is a tip as “registrar transfer protection”, please contact current registrar to unlock your domain.

  • 07

    When you submit transfer in, please confirm password case, special symbols and make sure your auth code is valid, if there is any problem, please contact the current registrar to obtain a new code.

  • 08

    Usually transfer in will be completed within 5 to 7 weekdays, or you are able to contact current registrar to approve the transfer as soon as possible, then your domain will be transferred in Gname immediately.

Domain Transfer in Price

Domain Registration Price Renewal Price Transfer in Price Introduction
.com $10.12/1st yr. $11.12/yr. $10.12/yr. Global generic domain
.net $11.62/1st yr. $12.62/yr. $11.62/yr. Network domain name
.cn $7.50/1st yr. $9.50/yr. $7.50/yr. Global top level domain
.org $11.79/1st yr. $13.79/yr. $11.79/yr. Typically used by organization
.cc $9.68/1st yr. $11.68/yr. $9.68/yr. Typically used by company
.vip $5.38/1st yr. $14.60/yr. $12.60/yr. Symbol of nobility, privilege
.tv $26.68/1st yr. $28.68/yr. $27.68/yr. Audio-visual domain name
.top $3.58/1st yr. $7.40/yr. $6.40/yr. Symbol of top level
.xyz $2.50/1st yr. $12.00/yr. $10.00/yr. Personal and creative domain name
.tw $18.00/1st yr. $20.00/yr. $18.00/yr. Regional top-level domain
.co $21.75/1st yr. $23.75/yr. $21.75/yr. Country domain name
.shop $26.75/1st yr. $27.75/yr. $26.75/yr. Typically used by e-commerce
.ltd $15.75/1st yr. $17.75/yr. $15.75/yr. Dedicated domain for limited company
.store $41.75/1st yr. $43.75/yr. $41.75/yr. Dedicated domain for shop and retail
.biz $14.23/1st yr. $16.23/yr. $14.23/yr. Old international domain
.info $15.12/1st yr. $17.12/yr. $15.12/yr. Global top level domain
.icu $6.75/1st yr. $8.75/yr. $6.75/yr. Typically used by medical field
.club $12.26/1st yr. $14.26/yr. $12.26/yr. Dedicated domain for club and association
.luxe $17.35/1st yr. $19.35/yr. $17.35/yr. New TLDs
.bar $52.25/1st yr. $54.25/yr. $52.25/yr. New gTLDs
.rest $27.25/1st yr. $29.25/yr. $27.25/yr. New gTLDs

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